What is personal property assignment registration?

And advertises the fact of personal property transfer, it is a system to include a third party against requirements.
By recording the personal property assignment registration file, for the transfer of personal property it is assumed that there was a delivery of the Civil Code Article 178.

Previously, was a problem in the movable property transfer is, it is that there was no registration system, such as real estate.

If there is no public announcement system, as the creditor because it takes a great deal of effort in the investigation.

What specifically me chattel transfer?

There is also a boost of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, collateral of agricultural product relationship (vegetables and fish products) temporary,
I was also or become news. There is a limit in movables, registered vehicles and machinery, etc., it is that there is a separate registration system.

In general, that market value is established is preferred as collateral.
The reason, of course, is to put the sale of after field of view.

Jewelry, unregistered motor vehicles, wine, luxury brand of memorabilia, grocery …
Even market value is not present, if there is another brand value, it will be also be used as collateral.

Why use the chattel assignment registration?

On behalf of the occupied revision, called registration, since it is possible to use a public announcement means!
This to me is aggregated.

When subjecting previously, the movable collateral, usually remains stored in storage location warehouses companies and are mom may not be denied the use thereof in the normal course of business. That occupied revised On top of that, while they are stored in the same place, for example bank san called “storage Regards”, companies are being kept as an agent, that, only in a well I do not know how to outline, the counter it was not possible to include a requirement.

However, as you can see, for example, later all if you want to inventory disposal Gassai, even if I sell the stock disposal of skill in the art, because the skill in the art of course, is why do not know something that of such occupancy revised, goodwill acquired (Civil Code possibility of 192 Article) is not resulting in out.

Then appeared in the will, I of movables assignment registration.
⇒And if you movables assignment registration, (for the assignee of such especially financial institutions.) Disprove easy of good faith no-fault next, it is likely that Uchiyabureru the goodwill acquired.

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